August 3, 2023

What Are the Different Types of Signs Used in Stores?

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Signage serves as the silent yet compelling salesperson in retail stores, communicating essential information and influencing customer behaviour. It's important to understand how signage can impact your strategy and how it can also have a positive or negative effect on your customers. This holds true for all signage, including storefront signs and signs that are used within the stores themselves.

Northeast Sign Company understands how crucial signage is for businesses, which is why we take every project seriously. We work closely with our clients so that we can learn everything about their business, audience, and signage needs. After that, it’s all on our shoulders! But what kind of signage should you invest in? We’ve listed a whole bunch of commercial building signs below for you to take a look at.

The Types of Signs Stores Can Take Advantages Of

Ultimately, there are several ways to design, implement, and use storefront signs or interior signs within your establishment. We've listed some helpful examples for you to take note of below:

·    Exterior Signage: The first impression matters, and this is the signage that has the first major impression on people who walk or drive by your store. The goal of these types of commercial building signs is to grab immediate attention. This can be through banners, window decals, and so much more!

·         Aisle Signs/Wayfinding Signs: If you’re looking for a way to guide people through the many aisles and areas of your store, why not invest in hanging signs that serve as aisle signs? You often see these in supermarkets, and they are an excellent way to reduce confusion amongst your client base. If you don’t have aisles, consider general wayfinding signs. They still allow people to find their way easily throughout your space.

·         Promotional Signage: Consider using outdoor banners, window graphics, or temporary wall decals to promote your products or services. These types of interior signs and exterior storefront signs are incredibly useful when your business is looking to increase its revenue. This can include point-of-purchase displays that are strategically placed near checkout counters to encourage last-minute purchases.

·         Digital Signage: If you want to appear modern and allow people to be engaged the entire time with your signage, consider going with digital storefront signage. You can display dynamic content about your products, services, or any important information you feel that your customers should know.

·         Safety Signs: Communicate important warnings, precautions, and any emergency procedures that people need to be aware of while they make their way through your space. This can be anything from a sign indicating a wet floor or a fire exit sign. ·         Menu Boards: These are a great idea for any store, coffee shop, or restaurant. You can display available items, specials, and pricing.

Are You Ready to Invest in Storefront Signs?

Signage is an important aspect of retail stores, and they are meant to grab attention, create brand recognition, and guide customers effectively. By incorporating signage, businesses can improve the shopping experience, improve customer satisfaction, and increase foot traffic and sales. Northeast Sign Company is here to assist you when it comes to your signage—we're ready to help you with your project no matter how large or small. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today! Don’t waste time. Let us help you with your business storefront signs.


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