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Directional/Wayfinding Signs in Connecticut

Directional signs for your business can be a great way to help guide customers and make sure they follow the right path.

But what is a directional sign? They are arrows, or other shapes of signage, that point to different locations within a building or complex. Also known as wayfinding signs, they are often installed in places with multiple entrances, exits, or services that need to be accessed quickly.

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    Cosmic Directional Pole Sign Done By Northeast Sign Company

    Types of Directional Signs

    There are different types of directional signs, each with its own use. The most common types include:

    Directional Arrow Signs - These are the most common type of directional sign in use today. They offer an exact, no-nonsense way of showing visitors where they need to go.

    Exterior Wayfinding Signs - These are similar to interior directional arrows such as restroom directional signs, except they are located outside and have to be mounted differently because of this. These include real estate directional signs and can be used as wayfinding signage at parking lots and driveways with limited visibility from the road or sidewalk.

    The Cost of Directional Signs in CT

    The cost of these signs varies depending on the type, size, and complexity. If you need directional signs for your business in Connecticut, reach out to Northeast Sign Company today for a free estimate.

    Uses for Directional Signs

    Directional signs are used to guide people toward specific locations. They can be used in indoor and outdoor settings and are often used to direct visitors to the location of an event, in which case they are referred to as event directional signs. In addition, since the signs can be installed indoors or outdoors with no additional mounting hardware, they have numerous other applications, including identifying places, passing information, and communicating regulations.

    Cosmic Drive Thru Directiona Pole Sign Done By Northeast Sign Company

    Where to Find Directional Signs for Your Business in Connecticut

    If your business in Connecticut has unique needs like children’s play areas or parking lots, and you’re asking yourself, “where can I find a company that makes wayfinding signs near me?” look no further than Northeast Sign Company.

    We are a company based in Connecticut specializing in creating custom directional signs that may be just what you need to make your customers feel welcome and comfortable while shopping or visiting your location. Our custom directional signs can be designed for indoor or outdoor use, depending on the application conditions. You also can add text and graphics to them so that they stand out even more from others around them.


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