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Custom Lobby Signs in CT

There is no second chance to make a first impression. You can create an unforgettable image with high-quality lobby signs that will transform your customer experience and generate more leads. Whether it's a hair salon, restaurant, retail store, or professional office, lobby signs will help your business look professional.

Reception signs are the face of your business, and it's crucial to ensure that they effectively communicate your brand. Northeast Sign Company is committed to creating office lobby signs that showcase your brand while leaving a long-lasting positive memory of your company.

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    Types of Lobby Signs

    Illuminated or Backlit Lobby Signs: Illuminated lobby sign is an elegant way of helping your business stay top-of-mind. These interior signage types help draw attention to your company and impress your walk-in clients. Most backlit signs use LED lighting, making them cheaper to run.

    Acrylic Lobby Signs: These lobby signs are a better option if you want a modern look in your lobby area. They are incredible for brands that display energetic characteristics.

    3D Lobby Signs: If you want to raise your brand's image, go for 3D logo wall signs. You can have backlit 3D letters and logos for a fancier effect. Popular types of 3D letters include plastic, foam, wood, and 3D metal letters.

    Metal Lobby Signs: Common types of metal signs include brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. Metal indoor signage is suitable for representing a serious, strong, and contemporary brand. These signs are commonly used in law firms, tech companies, healthcare facilities, banks, corporate headquarters, and academic institutions.

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    Uses of Lobby Signs

    Lobby signs are great advertising tools that create a lasting impression on your walk-in customers and reinforce your outdoor signage. Some of their uses include:

    Helping connect with customers: Besides impressing your customers, reception signs can also help connect with your customers by telling your brand's story. People will get more inclined toward your brand when they know your values and mission.

    A tool for brand reinforcement: Besides displaying your slogan, you can also use office signs to showcase your business achievements and awards. They communicate your business capabilities to your customers, giving them more confidence to trust your brand.

    Providing directional information: Corporate lobby signs are incredible tools that show directional cues to help your visitors find their way to different departments inside your facility. Lobby signs make your customers feel that you prioritize their safety and convenience, which will bring more benefits in the long run.

    Cost of Lobby Signs

    The cost of a lobby sign depends on several factors like material used, size of the signage, and design. Additional customization like mounting and illumination can increase the cost. At Northeast Sign Company, we provide different lobby signs at friendly prices, according to your needs.

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    HVM Travel Reception Sign

    Office Lobby Signs in Connecticut

    There is no shortage of creative ideas to present your brand through lobby signage when you consult Northeast Sign Company. We believe there is nothing one-size-fits-all when it comes to indoor signage. Our custom lobby signs are designed to suit your brand requirements, budget, target audience, and advertising needs.

    The Best Lobby Sign Manufacturer in Connecticut

    If you are searching for the best lobby signs near me you search no more. Northeast Sign Company in Connecticut will care for your indoor signage needs. Our team of professionals will use their extensive training and comprehensive sign experience to design a lobby sign that will leave a lasting positive impression on your business.

    We not only make quality indoor signs, but we are committed to helping our customers get the right signs. Our designers will handle everything for you including choosing the suitable sign material, eye-catching designs, and color.

    Book your appointment today and discuss your signage needs with our lobby signs professionals in Connecticut.


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