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Standalone Pylon Pole Signs in CT

Pylon signs are freestanding signs erected with one or two sturdy poles. The most common material for manufacturing pylon signs is aluminum with a steel frame for extra strength. Depending on your business needs, pylon signs can have messages on either side. To improve visibility at night, they are usually equipped with lights. Some businesses may choose not to illuminate their pylon signs.

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    What Are the Different Types Of Pylon Signs Available to Me?

    The simplest way to categorize pylon signs is through lighting. There are illuminated and non-illuminated pylon signs. Other categories include:

    • Single pole mount signs- One pole supports these pylon signs. These usually hold a single message or logo.
    • Double pole mount signs- These pylon signs are supported by twin poles usually made of metal for extra strength.
    • Covered poles- Some business owners do not appreciate the look of steel poles sticking out the bottom of their pylon signs, so they opt for a design that encapsulates the pole.

    Uses for Pylon Signs 

    Pylon signs are a great marketing tool for businesses. If your goal is to increase your business’s visibility, pylon signs are an ideal tool for the job. According to Forbes, “the ability to be found is the best advantage your business can have.”

    They are often used:

    • If the business is a decent distance from the main road
    • If there is a parking lot near or in front of your location
    • If your building is hidden from view by objects in the environment
    • If you want to mark the entrance to your business
    • If your business is located in an industrial area where one company is a few blocks away from the next
    • If you want to attract new clients from nearby traffic
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    How Much Will a Pylon Sign Cost Your Business?

    The cost of pylon signs will vary depending on the materials used, the size of the pylon sign, and your business’s location. We always recommend that you book a consultation with our friendly team.

    Are Illuminated Pylon Signs Better?

    This depends on what your business needs. The main advantage of lit pylon signs is that they can remain functional at night or in low visibility weather. If your business runs 24 hours, you should invest in a well-illuminated pylon sign to keep the clients coming. In addition, some areas do not allow illuminated signs, so do your research and determine what your local laws state for compliance, or we can cover it together during your consultation.

    Pylon Sign Designed by Northeast Sign Company in Connecticut

    Get Your Business a Pylon Sign Today in Connecticut

    Northeast Sign Company has got you covered if you are searching for pylon signs near you. We deal with all types of commercial pylon signs in Connecticut. Our pylon sign installation methods are efficient and professional. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to deliver high-quality pylon signs to our clients. Furthermore, we provide Pylon Signs in Connecticut on time and professionally.

    Our team has undergone extensive training in pylon sign manufacturing in Connecticut, as well as the installation of other outdoor signs. We’re passionate about ensuring our Connecticut clients get nothing but the best services.

    Regardless of what signage you choose for your Connecticut business, you can trust us to get the job done on time and for a reasonable price.

    At Northeast Sign Company, we believe in delivering the best quality signage for your business because we know that good signage is a direct reflection of a company.

    Contact us now for more information about our services and rates. Don’t hesitate to call.


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