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Connecticut Yard Signs

Yard signs are strategically situated on a public or private company to ensure they are visible. They are one of Connecticut's most common modes of advertising used for a wide range of reasons, including communicating an important message, and marketing a product. Also referred to as lawn signs, bandit signs, or placards, yard signs are typically freestanding and often used for temporary promotions.

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    Types of Yard Signs

    There are numerous types of yard signs. That means much room for creativity, and that is precisely what Northeast Sign Company is offering its customers all over Connecticut. The primary distinctive factor for the common types of lawn signs is their substrates.

    • Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs: They are probably the most common yard sign you may come across in the state. Often known as coroplast, they are mainly used for custom yard signs due to their durability and weather resistance. Thanks to their corrugated nature, it is easier to achieve better stability with this type of sign as they have flutes that facilitate the insertion of wires. That also makes them easy to attach to the ground. Additionally, corrugated plastic yard signs are very lightweight and versatile. The combination of these features makes them relatively economical.
    • Most corrugated yard signs are rectangular-shaped. A good example is political campaign signage and other promotional signs used by businesses. They are also used as directional signs, mostly by realtors, to guide potential home buyers. However, coroplast signs are not limited to a single shape. Cutting-edge technology allows us to customize your yard sign into whichever shape. Shape-cut signs help your brand or message stand out from the rest.
    • Aluminum Yard Signs: Aluminum is undoubtedly the way to go if you are looking for durability and longevity. Aluminum yard signs guarantee weather resistance and sturdiness and are rust-proof. Custom aluminum lawn signs appear very professional, thanks to their perfect glossy finish. Although they are heavier than the corrugated plastic variations, they hold up better on the ground.
    • Alumacore Yard Signs: Alumacore material combines corrugated plastic and aluminum. In this case, the aluminum sheets are pre-painted and bonded to the core. This combination makes it thicker and more rigid, thus very durable. Alumacore yard signs are a practical option for most commercial enterprises, such as purchase points.
    • Max metal signs: Max metal signs are simply two painted aluminum sheets bonded with solid plastic material. They are relatively lightweight compared to plywood panels and are anti-scratch, thus maintaining a perfect finish for longer. Max metal yard signs can be framed for placement. Alternatively, they can be mounted on surfaces such as walls.
    • Yard Sign Letters: These are letter-shaped signs usually customized for events such as birthdays and graduations to communicate a message or announcement. They are typically made from corrugated plastic.

    Uses for Yard Signs in Connecticut

    Yard signage is versatile and can be used for numerous purposes. Additionally, they are pretty flexible and offer plenty of room for creativity. Common uses include:

    • Election campaigns
    • Grand openings
    • Services
    • Special classes
    • Advertising
    • Home sales/rentals
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    The Cost of Yard Signs in Connecticut

    Custom yard sign pricing primarily depends on the size, type of material, number of signs needed, and printing method. Regardless, lawn signs are typically a lower price than other types of signage, especially when done in bulk. If you are looking for a yard sign company in Connecticut, then we are the people to call.

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