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Visual communication tools are not just about branding or selling products and services. Some of them are also made to indicate practical and important information to minimize accidents, casualties, and injuries.

Construction signage solutions are displayed to communicate precautionary messages. Unlike most business signs, they are not put up for marketing or decoration. Each signage has a specific meaning, and each colour represents a different message. Failing to have these installed in the right areas can result in many unwanted problems, such as the loss of life or limb.

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    Types of Traffic Signs & Construction Signs

    Road Construction Signs

    These visual communication tools alert motorists and pedestrians that there is an ongoing repair or reconstruction of a road or a portion of it. These are identified by a bold orange color with black text or black symbols. Here at Northeast Sign company, we make sure to utilize a special fluorescent orange material because of its impressive visibility, even at night. These signs typically indicate “Road Work”, “Road Closed”, “End of Road Work”, “Detour”, “Street Closed”, “One Lane Road”, and more.

    Warning Signs

    These visual communication tools make you aware of a danger or hazard in a specific area. They typically display messages such as “Deep Excavations”, “Warning Construction Site”, “High Voltage”, or “Danger Construction Site”. They can easily be distinguished by their solid yellow triangle that points up and a black border. Any symbol or lettering below that is also black on a yellow background.

    Safe Condition Signs

    Instead of warning you about possible dangers, these signage solutions alert you to go to a safe place. On construction sites, these signs let you know the direction or location of first aid kits and fire exits. Sometimes, they also indicate who you should report to in case of accidents or problems. These signs have a solid green square or oblong background, with white symbols and texts.

    Prohibition Signs

    These signs are affixed on the entrance to nearly every construction site and commonly indicate “No Unauthorized Access”. They have a red circle with a crossbar and black graphics on a white background.

    Mandatory Signs

    These are the opposite of prohibition signage. At construction sites, these signs tell you what you must do, such as “Safety Helmets Must Be Worn”. They have a solid blue circle background with white symbols and lettering.

    Fire Equipment Signs

    These visual solutions help you locate fire hydrants, alarms, and extinguishers. They have a bright red square or rectangle background with white text and graphics so that you can easily distinguish them from prohibition signs.

    Claim Your Free Construction Sign Consultation

    Northeast Sign Company is committed to producing high-quality signage solutions for businesses no matter their industry or size in Connecticut. Aside from popular signs, such as channel letters and window decals, we also produce specialized signs for construction companies or establishments that have construction work going on.

    If you want to learn more about our expertise, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our seasoned specialists today. We would love to help you!

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