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Signs play a crucial role in the optimal function of most brick-and-mortar businesses in Connecticut. The most commonly used are outdoor signs.

What is Outdoor Signage?

As the name suggests, outdoor signage is any sign placed outside a business temporarily or permanently for marketing purposes. Most companies have an outdoor sign that stays outside even during closing hours. These signs do not have to be directly outside the business premises; some enterprises have signs installed much farther for maximum reach.

    What type of signage are you looking for?

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    Uses for Outdoor Signs 

    Businesses use outdoor signs for advertising their location, contact, and address. The target audience is people driving by, walking nearby, or visiting the premises. Some enterprises use outdoor signs to help first-time visitors find the location.

    Types of Outdoor Signs

    There are many ways outdoor signs can be categorized. Following are a few different types of outdoor signs you can find in Connecticut for your business.

    • Wall signs
    • Pylon signs
    • Storefront awnings
    • Monument signs
    • Channel letters
    • Building signs

    The Cost of Outdoor Signs 

    The price you have to pay for an outdoor sign in Connecticut (and the rest of the world)depends on your location, the materials used, and the size of the sign. More minor signs will cost less, while well-illuminated monument signs, requiring more expensive materials, cost more.

    It is crucial to research and find out where you can or cannot put up an outdoor sign in the state of Connecticut. When you meet with us for consultation, we can help you hammer out those details.

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    Advantages of Exterior signage

    Outdoor signs are a versatile, affordable, and durable way of advertising your Connecticut business. Modern materials are durable, allowing your outdoor sign to last months or even a decade or more in all types of weather.

    This kind of signage has something for all types of businesses. If you run a startup, you can invest a little cash in a small but exquisitely designed sign that still catches your audience's attention.

    Outdoor Signage for Your Connecticut Business

    Are you looking for outdoor signage for your Connecticut business? Northeast Sign Company Outdoor Signs offers some of Connecticut's best custom outdoor sign manufacturing and installation services. No need to worry about finding the right outdoor signs near you because we have your business covered!

    We are an outdoor sign company with a wide variety of products in our catalog. Outdoor metal signs, exterior building signs, and exterior lighted signs; any signage your business needs, we are just a call away!

    We have a team of uniquely trained and qualified staff to provide customer-centered outdoor signs. You can count on us to deliver the highest quality product on time and within budget.

    We understand that designing an outdoor sign can be challenging. For this reason, precisely, we offer design services as well.

    Contact us today to get started on your project!


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