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First impressions certainly matter, and Northeast Sign Company understands that it is essential for your brand to mark its presence. Nothing crafts an expert professional image like well-done signage. We bring together an extensively-trained team to achieve exceptional channel letter signages made to fit your brand.

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    What Are Channel Letters?

    Channel letters are a collection of custom-made characters, usually made of plastic or metal, for a visual representation of a brand or company name. Typically, they are three-dimensional and are made of three parts: the face, the returns, and the trim. The look is the most visible as it is the front surface of the letter. The sides of the text in this context are referred to as returns, while the trim binds the face and returns for a perfect fit and finish.

    Channel letters are typically used as exterior signage and are often illuminated internally to enhance their visibility and attract an audience. You will likely spot them on commercial buildings around Connecticut. Storefront channel letters are also prevalent among businesses.

    Types of Channel Letters

    There are four main types of channel letters. The primary distinction is in their mode of illumination, distinguished by the type and positioning of the lighting:

    1. Standard Dimensional Front-lit Channel Letters
    These standard front-lit channel letters have inlaid LED or neon lighting. The returns and the back are usually made of aluminum. On the other hand, the face is made of translucent plastic or acrylic material. The latter is preferred as it is strong and has a shiny finish.
    2. Halo-lit Channel Letters
    Otherwise known as reverse-lit channel letters, this type is distinct for its solid faces as both the faces and returns are made of aluminum. The letters are lifted off the wall to let the light peek around each letter, creating a halo effect. The halo concept creates a sophisticated finish for your channel letters.
    3. Front and Back-Lit Channel Letters
    This type of channel letter combines the front-lit and the halo-lit designs. The faces are made of solid material like polycarbonate, and the returns, are made of aluminum. However, the back is intentionally left open to bounce neon or LED lighting off the wall, thus creating a unique double illumination.
    4. Open-Lit Channel Letters
    Open-lit channel letters have an open face, while the sides and back are made of aluminum. The front could be made of transparent material to expose the lighting.

    Uses for Channel Letters

    The primary use for channel letters includes:

    To create durable branding: Channel letters are made from all-weather and lightweight materials such as aluminum, plastic, and acrylic. Aluminum is particularly a go-to for channel letters as it is sturdy and can withstand the harshest conditions, such as fire and erosion.

    To boost visibility: Channel letters are big enough to spot during the day but come to life at night. LED and neon illuminations ensure they stand out even in the dark; thus, the signage remains relevant 24 hours every day of the week.

    To promote cost-effectiveness: They are a relatively cheaper mode of advertising and branding. Channel letters promote a brand’s visibility at lower running costs as LED lights can consume more than fifty percent less power than fluorescent bulbs and other types of lighting.

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    What is the Average Cost of Channel Letters?

    The average cost of installing channel lights is subject to various factors, such as the quality of material and lighting used, the size of the letters, the type of mounting, and other customization options. The best quality components may cost you a bit more but they are worth the investment. For instance, the best quality LED lights to offer longer operation durations at a lower cost.

    Cost may vary from one firm to another. We know how to stay within your budget at Northeast Sign Company due to our comprehensive sign expertise. You can count on our services as one of Connecticut's best channel letter manufacturers.

    Your Channel Letter Sign Manufacturer in Connecticut

    The most fundamental quality of signs is their uniqueness across different businesses. The goal is to create curb appeal and keep your brand in your audience's mind. We at Northeast Sign Company value our customers' satisfaction by delivering your vision and adding value to your brand like no other company in Connecticut can.

    Contact us today to speak with one of our sign experts about your next project.

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