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After setting up your business, your marketing strategy is crucial. While digital approaches are important for growing your business, good marketing also involves things such as the use of custom fleet wraps, fleet graphics, and advertising car wraps.

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    The Northeast Sign Company Fleet Wraps Difference

    Are you a business owner searching for fleet wrap experts in Connecticut? Constantly asking who makes the best fleet wraps near you? Northeast Sign Company can deliver what you need.

    Our Connecticut-based sign company serves the whole state and its neighboring areas for their advertising and marketing needs. We specialize in higher-level projects for commercial fleet wraps, business fleet wraps, and auto wraps.

    Besides our outstanding service, the other significant difference is that our company offers a uniquely-trained in-house team of signage experts. We offer your business a comprehensive sign experience that is tough to beat.

    Explore Our Fleet Wraps Solutions

    Does your company use delivery trucks and vans, or maybe service vehicles? If so there is a clever solution for your brand to grow: fleet wraps.

    Our fleet wrap experts in CT will help you design the best fleet wraps to help you pique interest in your business and make thousands of impressions every day that your fleet is out on the road. Your Connecticut logistics team will kill two birds with one stone by reaching potential clients and continuing their work when you have a wrapped fleet of vehicles.

    To help you better understand the impact these services will have on your business, let us go through what they are:

    What is a Fleet Wrap? 

    A fleet wrap is an after-market vinyl wrap partially or entirely covering your vehicle's outer body. They communicate your business's brand story, highlight key contact information, and often feature your logo to make your branding more familiar to your surrounding area.

    Our Different Types of Fleet Vehicle Wraps

    It is important to note that although the term fleet vehicle wraps suggest a service for a vast number of cars, at Northeast Sign Company, we offer our services for any number of vehicles. Additionally, our services extend to the wrapping of entire vehicles or whatever percentage you need on your fleet vehicles.

    Since the primary use for fleet wraps is to advertise your business to your local Connecticut community, we offer our services in the following major categories:

    Full Wrap – It covers the entire body of the vehicle. A full wrap can range from truck wraps to van wraps. The full wrap is the most captivating and attention-grabbing type you can get.

    Partial Wrap – When the cost of fleet wraps is a factor, this is a popular option. It is lower cost than full wraps since it uses less vinyl material.

    Spot Graphics – This minor type covers only a small portion of your vehicle

    One-way-vision-graphic – By using cleverly-perforated vinyl, you can have graphics that look solid on the outside, but let your see outside perfectly.

    Specialty Vinyl – You do not have to restrict yourself to simple colors. This type is available in camouflaging patterns, carbon fiber, and iridescent finishes, leaving your fleet looking outstanding in the Connecticut region.

    Contact Northeast Sign Company now to get fleet wraps near you and we will guide you through the process to help you find out which suits your business best.


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