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At Northeast Sign Company, we specialize in helping businesses, companies, and organizations throughout Connecticut craft complex environments while communicating branded stories using tactile and digital environmental graphics. We have creative professionals who will collaborate with you to generate and shape a space’s sense of self with our wayfinding systems, design elements, and custom fabricated signage.

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    What Are Environmental Graphics?

    Think about your favorite book as a child. It probably had an interesting storyline that was expertly woven together with pages intentionally written to captivate you. And that’s without forgetting the beautifully drawn illustrations to bring the pages to life.

    Undoubtedly, those factors transported you into the story’s world, giving you an unforgettable experience. And that’s why that book has been your favorite until today.

    That’s what environmental signs are all about. They use expert visual storytelling through signage to create a cohesive visual theme for your professional space. The signs in your office become something far greater than the sum of their parts.

    Northeast Sign Company Brings Environmental Graphic Designs to Life

    We are committed to helping your Connecticut clients have memorable experiences whenever they walk into your space. Since Northeast Sign Company features out-of-the-box thinkers who love good challenges, our team offers clever and innovative approaches that take your corporate office branding concept from design to fabrication and installation.

    We are an environmental design agency that deals with multiple types of environmental graphics, including wayfinding and branding systems for:

    • Hospitals and Clinics
    • Retail Shops and Shopping Malls
    • Universities
    • Offices
    • Recreational Facilities
    • Sport Venues

    Signage and Wayfinding Systems

    Our Connecticut sign professionals construct modern office signs that create a visual path while boosting brand recognition. Typically, the signage and office branding we use for these projects include

    • Wall murals
    • Window & wall graphics
    • Lobby signs
    • Door signs
    • Branded ADA signs

    Therefore, from small room identification plaques to large-scale directional signage, our highly-trained team at Northeast Sign Company produces modern office interior design pieces that will enable your visitors to navigate from one point to another easily.

    Hanging Signage "Come In"
    Hanging Environment Sign - Open

    Placemaking Systems

    As one of the best environmental graphic design firms in Connecticut, we use placemaking as a design principle to define how your business space unfolds to enhance your visitors’ experience.

    Once your customers know where they are, informational charts, diagrams, panels, maps, and other relevant information and extra architectural elements shape their experience by enhancing knowledge and boosting customer satisfaction.

    Ultimately, such environmental signage and office designs help you make your brand’s vision crystal clear to anyone who visits your space.

    We’re Ready to Start your Office Interior Design Project 

    As a uniquely-trained office design company, we bring environmental graphic design concepts, including modern office designs, to life. Using advanced equipment and technology, the skilled Northeast Sign Company team can build anything you can imagine out of metal, foam, vinyl, acrylic, wood, paper, etc.

    If you’re worried about the cost of environmental signs, don’t worry, when we meet with you for your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your budget and make sure we stay within it. We can help you make the best use of environmental signs for your Connecticut business.

    Contact Northeast Sign Company about our environmental graphics services and how we can make your next project shine.

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