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How a New Lobby Sign Can Enhance the Professionalism of Your Office

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Many businesses spend decades building a reputation of trust, dependability, and competence. What if there was a way for new or existing companies to communicate their commitment to professionalism? With signs, it’s possible to distill years of service and excellence into a compelling message.

One signage type stands out among the rest to fulfill this purpose: lobby signs. These interior installations uplift the appearance of any business and cultivate a professional image.

Here, we’ll examine the profound effects lobby signs can have in enhancing professionalism for your office.

What Are Lobby Signs for Business?

Lobby and reception signs are types of interior signage found in offices, retail stores, restaurants, and financial institutions.

As their name implies, these signs are usually installed near a company’s entrance in the main lobby. The purpose of these signs is to display a business’s branding and simultaneously welcome visitors into a space.

Some varieties, such as lobby directory boards, also serve a wayfinding function by directing people to their destination. In these instances, the signs are installed in buildings with complex interiors such as multi-tenant buildings, malls, and hospitals.

Explore the Types of Office Lobby Signs

This section will explore the different kinds of signs and how they alter people’s perceptions of a company:

  • Illuminated Signs: Whether you choose backlit dimensional letters or edge-lit acrylic panels, these signs are sure to make a statement. Use interior light-up signs to set the tone for your business while creating a dazzling entrance for guests.
  • Acrylic Signs: Crystal-clear acrylic signs are a timeless addition to any space. These signs can be customized with branding using modern printing techniques for a long-lasting display. Acrylic is available in multiple finishes, including a frosted glass effect, which is popular in professional environments.
  • Metal Signs: If you need a durable sign for your lobby, look no further than the possibilities of metal signage. Work with a professional sign company to customize these signs with engraving, embossing, or laser-cut designs.
  • Dimensional Signs: Are you looking to bring your logo to life? Three-dimensional signs crafted from metal or acrylic are a bold option for any business. With their enhanced depth and definition, it is impossible to ignore these signs.
  • Wall Murals and Graphics: Vinyl wall signs are an unconventional but effective choice. Turn a brand’s identity into a larger-than-life installation bursting with color. Alternatively, custom graphics can be cut in any shape, including logos, to transform bare walls.

Enhance Professionalism with Lobby Signage

Equipped with a thorough understanding of office signs, their purposes, and the different types available, let’s dive into how these signs enhance professional environments.

Make a Striking First Impression

Every business understands the importance of making a strong first impression. Whether they are welcoming clients, partners, or stakeholders, companies only have one chance to make a lasting impact. A custom lobby sign does so much more than display branding – it contributes to a professional image and makes the lasting impression businesses strive for.

Set the Tone for Interior Environments

Interior signs aren’t just for offices. These signs can be used to enhance spaces across diverse industries. From restaurants looking to create a dramatic dining experience to salons positioning themselves on the cutting-edge of modern trends, lobby signage can be personalized to create certain moods.

Boost Employee Morale

Many employees consider their workplaces a second home. When business owners invest in creating a comfortable environment, it motivates employees to become productive and aligned with the company’s goals. Displaying company branding can also be a source of pride, instilling comradery among coworkers.

Tell a Brand’s Story

At the core of every branding campaign is a business’s mission and values. Use lobby signs to communicate these traits to visitors in a way that builds a genuine connection. In addition to displaying a company’s name, these signs can also communicate mission statements, future goals, and more. Unlock the storytelling capabilities of these signs to provide visitors with greater insight into a business’s identity.

Designing Lobby Signs for Businesses

A professional sign company can guide you to create a sign that reflects a business’s identity and communicates core values. When considering a custom sign, here are some design principles to remember:

  • Style: It’s critical to choose a style that aligns with the overall branding strategy. For example, a modern technology firm could select a sleek, backlit sign featuring metal dimensional letters, while a dentist’s office might choose a crisp acrylic signboard. Ultimately, the decision comes to finding a sign that brings a brand to life.
  • Messaging: Most lobby signs include a company’s name and logo. However, an experienced designer can ensure the layout and spacing of all the elements create a cohesive and functional message.
  • Installation: Choosing an appropriate sign location can be the most challenging aspect. These signs should be placed near a building’s entrance to greet people. It's important to ensure these signs complement a space and won’t obstruct foot traffic.

Creating Signs with a Professional Company

Now that we know the types and advantages of lobby signs, it’s time to install one at your location. To do that, partnering with a company committed to providing premium products is essential.

A professional sign company will collaborate with you to bring your unique vision to life. They also offer end-to-end services – including designing, manufacturing, and installing signs – for a seamless experience.

When you work with sign experts for lobby signs, you’ll gain the following advantages:

  • Solutions tailored to your needs and preferences.
  • Unmatched knowledge of the local business landscape.
  • Seamless experience from the first consultation to the final installation.

Looking forLobby Signs Near Me?”

If you’re ready to enhance the professionalism of your office, contact the experts at Northeast Sign Company.

We know the effect lobby signs can have on a business’s interior. From making a strong impression to strengthening branding, these signs instantly transform professional environments. Collaborate with us to create a sign that upgrades any space and develops a worthy reputation for your business.

Our business is making and installing signs, but our true passion is assisting companies with their goals to help them thrive in Connecticut’s bustling commercial scene.

Give us a call to begin your project today.


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