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Businesses in Connecticut’s fast-paced finance industry work with people in the community from all walks of life. Whether these people are applying for a mortgage, opening a retirement savings account, or making payments on a student loan, they need to be sure that their financial services provider is trustworthy and knowledgeable. That’s where signs come in.

We often associate signs with retail settings, but in banks and professional offices, these communication tools establish a company’s dedication to providing excellent customer service.

If you need premium signs for your business in North Haven, New Haven, Middletown, Milford, or the surrounding areas, contact Northeast Sign Company today to begin your custom project.

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    Types of Signs for Financial Businesses

    Businesses operating in financial services must invest in signs that contribute to their professional reputation and serve customers’ needs. At Northeast Sign Company, we design, manufacture, and install all types of signs to support this industry.

    Learn more about our options below or give us a call to begin your custom project:

    Storefront Window Decals

    Exterior Signs

    These signs are designed to prominently display an institution’s branding and logo. In the finance industry, outdoor signage welcomes customers and makes a strong first impression to build the foundation of a productive business relationship. These signs are also used to promote special offers or events. Explore our selection of exterior bank signs here:

    • Monument Signs: Create an elegant entrance with stunning signs made from stone, brick, poured concrete, or composite materials.
    • Post and Panel Signs: Use these signs to display branding and direct customers to the main entrance or drive-up ATMs.
    • Channel Letters: Looking to distinguish your location from other banks in the area? Use illuminated channel letters to advertise your services all day or night.
    • Banners: Outdoor vinyl banners are a durable option to advertise upcoming promotions or events.

    Interior Signs

    Indoors, signs direct customers to the correct office, waiting area, or other amenities. These signs ensure every financial institution is polished, organized, and operating at maximum efficiency. Contact us to equip your business with the correct signs and elevate its interior. Our options include:

    • Wayfinding Signage: Effortlessly direct customers to offices, ATMs, or tellers with clear and concise signage.
    • ADA Signs: Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accessible signage is required in all public buildings to assist people with disabilities or vision impairments.
    • Desk Signs: Desk signs identify employees or specific areas of a financial institution, such as reception or the customer service department.
    • Lobby Signs: Make a stunning first impression on visitors and stakeholders with a sophisticated lobby sign to display a logo or wordmark.
    • Office Signs: Every functional office needs proper signage. Optimize productivity and organization with a strategic signage plan.

    Discover Digital Signage for Banks and Financial Institutions

    Many banks, credit unions, and financial advisors are embracing the possibilities of digital signs to engage and interact with customers.

    These signs can be programmed to present informative financial updates in new and exciting ways. Using text, animation, videos, and graphics, modern signs are an effortless way to generate interest in a wide range of services while customers are waiting to be assisted.

    To learn more about the possibilities of digital signs, connect with Northeast Sign Company today.

    Financial Services Signage Needs

    In this industry, it is essential to convey a professional image, expertise, and success. With the right signs, financial services can accomplish all this and more.

    When they partner with a professional sign company, these institutions can develop custom signage that fits their branding and maintains a consistent experience for customers across all branches.

    Northeast Sign Company recognizes that this industry has specific signage needs. Banks and other financial institutions need signs that:

    • Deliver a professional image
    • Ensure customers have a seamless experience
    • Follow necessary laws and regulations
    • Maintain consistency and excellent service across all locations

    Contact Us for Financial Institution Signage

    Northeast Sign Company is proud to partner with local businesses in North Haven, Connecticut, and surrounding areas.

    We offer custom solutions to niche industries, working with clients to ensure our products meet their day-to-day needs and represent the quality craftsmanship we strive for. Our family-owned business is eager to collaborate with companies in the community and help their business flourish through effective signage.

    To learn more about our financial services signs, give us a call to book your consultation.

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