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Ceiling Signs in Connecticut

Engage your Connecticut audience visually using our suspended ceiling signs and hanging wayfinding hardware solutions today. In addition to engaging your audience through visibly important messages, our ceiling signs also show that you are a company that cares about the safety and security of its visitors.

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    What Are Ceiling signs?

    The physical presence of your business, hospital, or professional environment in a building or other structure is essential. While wall graphics and wall murals work for marketing, employee motivation, credibility, and creating a lasting impression, they don’t work everywhere. Hanging signs from the ceiling can be a great alternative because ceiling signs are perfect for places where wall signage will not work or when wall space is limited.

    Ceiling signs offer a more versatile platform for your message. Our uniquely trained Connecticut team also applies the most recent technologies to build magnetic sign hanging systems, or any other type of sign system you need, to create and install signs that work hard for your business.

    Types of Ceiling Signs We Offer: Lobby Ceiling Signs & Hanging Wayfinding Signs

    At Northeast Sign Company, we’re constantly researching creative solutions to all our clients’ signage needs throughout Connecticut. So, here are some key drop ceiling signs that we provide to assist your business with its signage needs:

    Wayfinding Ceiling Signs: Hanging wayfinding signs can significantly affect how your business functions. Wayfinding ceiling signage ensures your customers can navigate around your professional facility space on their own, among other numerous crucial purposes for your business. These signs let your customers easily navigate your business premises by simply identifying important rooms and offering clear directions.

    Informational signage, directional signage, identification signage, and warning/regulatory signage are examples of wayfinding ceiling hanging signs that we offer at Northeast Sign Company.

    If you don’t equip your workplace with good indoor hanging ceiling signs, your clients might get lost and feel dissatisfied and frustrated with their overall experience inside your business.

    Lobby Ceiling Signs: To create a positive first impression, you must ensure your business has high-quality lobby signage to welcome visitors whenever they walk through your building’s front door. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Whether you need to replace an ordinary, wall-mounted lobby sign, or provide directions the moment someone enters your space, hanging lobby signs can help.

    Uses for Ceiling signs

    • Suspended ceiling signs lead the way and are perfect tools for avoiding confusion in your business.
    • Hanging signs offer a highly visible spot to place essential messages.
    • Ceiling signs take advantage of an underused area of most businesses to showcase your branding.
    • Ceiling clips and standard one-inch ceiling grids are useful for hanging ceiling accessories like light signs and displays from drop ceilings.

    At Northeast Sign Company, we will provide your business with premium quality custom ceiling-mounted signs manufactured from high-quality materials that will reflect the company image that you wish to portray.

    Contact us now to discuss the cost of ceiling signs in Connecticut or any other important details of your next signage project.

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