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Types of Custom Banners to Promote Your Business

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When businesses first decide to invest in commercial banners, the options can seem overwhelming. But, with the help of a professional sign company, the process quickly becomes more manageable.

If you’re searching for “banners near me,” and unsure where to start, this guide explores the types of banners, their advantages, and their purposes to give business owners a comprehensive overview.

With this information and the guidance of experienced sign makers, business owners can access all the different banners available to them for promotional uses.

Types of Custom Banners

There are numerous types of banners available, each with their own purposes and advantages. That’s why it is essential to work with a professional signage company to ensure you select the option that aligns with your overall business goals.

Learn more about the types of banners and their features below:

  • Vinyl Banners: Vinyl is a flexible, synthetic material that can be customized with bold colors, vivid graphics, and personalized messaging. The versatility of vinyl is unmatched – banners made with this material can be used indoors or outdoors to accelerate a company’s marketing campaigns.
  • Mesh Banners: Businesses looking to advertise their products and services outdoors should strongly consider mesh banners. Made from perforated vinyl, the design of these banners allows wind to pass through them, ensuring they remain visible and reducing the chances of damage. Whether you’re attending a festival or hosting an outdoor promotion, these outdoor signs are powerful advertising tools.
  • Fabric Banners: Banners can also be made from polyester and customized with a brand’s logo and colors. These banners are lightweight, allowing them to be hung from ceilings or walls.
  • Pole Banners: If your business operates on a vast lot, such as a school campus, a golf course, or a resort, pole banners hung from street poles create a cohesive brand image. These signs welcome guests to a location and enhance the appearance of these business spaces.
  • Retractable Banners: Are you looking for a way to make a memorable impact at your next trade show or event? Retractable banners are the answer. These vinyl banners fold up for easy storage and transportation. In a matter of seconds, they can display a business’s branding and other essential information to connect with a larger target market.

The Advantages of Banners

Now that we know about the different varieties of banners, it’s time to explore their benefits. What sets these signs apart from other options? Let’s dive into the unique advantages businesses stand to gain when they select these signs:

  • Durable: Whether companies select vinyl or fabric banners, these signs are built to withstand a variety of weather and environmental conditions. Depending on where they are installed, banners can last between two and 12 years, providing companies with a long-term promotional strategy.
  • Affordable: Compared to other types of signage, banners are one of the most cost-effective options. They are a wise investment for companies seeking to expand their promotional efforts and gain the maximum return on their investment. Even though banners are more affordable, companies don’t have to worry about compromising on quality or personalization options.
  • Customizable: By working with a professional signage company, businesses can unleash their full creative potential to design banners that reflect their goals. Today’s digital printing technology allows sign makers to make banners with unique logos, colors, and messages.
  • Versatile: Banners can be used everywhere, from outdoor events to trade shows to retail locations. These communication tools are one of the most flexible signage solutions available to business owners and can be tailored to their exact needs.

Discover the Uses of Banners

By now, it’s clear that banners are a versatile product with wide applications. But how can businesses use these signs to promote themselves in specific situations? This section will take a closer look at how banners can be used to fuel a company’s advertising goals.

  • Trade shows: Trade shows are important events that connect companies with new customers, partners, and stakeholders. At these events, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and have people pass by your booth without taking a second glance. To avoid this, having the proper signage is crucial. Retractable and vinyl banners, as well as additional trade show signage, can make a booth stand out. With bold designs and captivating colors, companies can use banners to relay essential information to guests at these events.
  • Outdoor events: Festivals, community events, and block parties are all excellent opportunities to promote a business. Outside, businesses need a sign that is portable and designed to endure the weather, making banners an ideal option.
  • Supplemental Signage: Many business owners focus on developing their storefront signage, but the truth is most businesses need a comprehensive strategy involving many types of signage. With their affordable price point and quick turnaround time, banners can become an integral part of these plans. Use multiple banners outside and inside a location to display contact numbers, and wayfinding information, or highlight specific products and services.
  • Short-term usage: Whether you are hosting a sale or launching a new product, banners are perfect for temporary uses. Use these signs to provide customers with relevant, timely information. When these signs are no longer needed, they can be folded and stored easily.

Customizing Banners

When designing professional signage, sign makers must always strike a balance between the visual appeal of a sign and its functionality. Here are some tips to remember when planning personalized banners.

  • Message: A banner’s message should align with the company’s goals, such as branding or communicating information about a specific event. Once the messaging has been determined, it should become the primary focus of the banner.
  • Graphics: Any images or designs should support the banner’s message. Ensure photos have a high resolution so that they appear crisp and clear on the final sign.
  • Branding: A business’s logo, wordmark, and colors should be present on the banner. This reinforces the company’s identity, creating a visual link in people’s minds between the business and their message.

Searching for Custom Banners Near Me?

Are you ready to harness the power of custom banners? Let the experts at Northeast Sign Company guide you through the process of creating effective promotional tools.

With our help, we can design, manufacture, and install banners tailored to your exact needs and preferences. Our company prides itself on using the latest sign-making innovations to create products that assist businesses in the local community. Give us a call to book your consultation today.


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