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As a business owner, do you have an ideal target market for your products and services? For your company to successfully attract customers, visibility and an accessible location are crucial. When these two aspects are perfectly combined, the traffic to your Connecticut physical location will soar, increasing your sales and simplifying your marketing overhead. One of the methods to ensure your company's visibility is traditional advertising methods such as business building signs for your Connecticut company. Although these conventional advertising methods are underrated compared to most digital formats, they are one of the most effective advertising strategies, significantly when revamped with innovative new practices.

    What type of signage are you looking for?

    The Outstanding Uniqueness of Northeast Sign Company

    The answer is simple if you are wondering why you should pick the Northeast Sign Company for your commercial building signs. Our Connecticut-based Northeast Sign Company serves the entire state on high-level projects involving custom, exterior, and lighted building signs, among others. Therefore, we guarantee you an array of services, no matter the size of your business. In addition, at Northeast sign company, we feature an in-house graphics team of specialists that avails your business of a wide range of signs for buildings and lighted building signs no matter your preference. Additionally, our experts are well equipped and skilled in designing and installing custom-made exterior building signs leaving your company unique.

    The uniqueness of your building sign letters will effectively point potential customers to your company as they leave a long-lasting first impression. To top it off, our building sign experts have extensive training and comprehensive signage experience that keeps them abreast of the new technologies in the market. Therefore, the northeast sign company will accord your company up-to-date building sign letters in different styles, fonts, and colors with energy-saving options. These will simultaneously help you maintain a friendly energy bill and help conserve the environment.

    Barbican Centre Building Signage

    What are Building signs?

    Signs for buildings are indications and posters on commercial structures conveying information about your company through texts and symbols to commuters' pedestrians and other people in the Connecticut area. Since building signs are primarily used for advertising and marketing your company, they should serve as an instant visual communication of informative content regarding your company. Since building signs are often the first interaction a potential customer will have with your brand or business, they should be able to grab attention, trigger interest and leave a long-lasting impression. Therefore, practical uses of building signs should be strategically placed for visibility and attention-grabbing purposes.

    Since building signs are outdoors and constantly exposed to fluctuating weather patterns. As a building sign maker, we offer durable materials and technologies to withstand exposure to weather elements.

    Types of Building Signs in CT

    When searching for building signs in Connecticut, there are various options that we offer to our clients. Below are the types of building signage we offer at Northeast Sign Company:

    Wall Signs – These are the market's most common building signs. The timelessness they convey is their key selling point and the reason they are so well-liked. Additionally, we customize wall signs to complement the texture and color of your building's overall architecture. Hence this type will set your business apart from the rest through its unique appeal.

    Lighted Signs – Illuminated signs are outstanding, especially at night. Therefore, if your business operates long after the sun has gone down, this is the sign for you. Also, these signs can be mounted on your building roof to maximize their exposure and help them meet their purpose.

    Projecting Signs, Blade Signs, and Hanging Signs – These signs are installed on the exterior of your building. Depending on your specifications, they can be mounted or suspended on the exterior wall. However, in most cases, they work best when positioned vertically to traffic flow.

    The additional sign types we offer at Northeast Sign Company include channel and dimensional letters as well as canopy and awning signs.

    Your Expert Building Sign Company 

    Are you searching for building signs near me in the Connecticut area? Contact Northeast Sign company, and we will take you through the cost of building signs while advising you on the best available options.


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