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Excellent strategic planning and well-defined goals are vital components of your business. However, there is something more. What do the hanging signs you use for your business say? While many indicate the entryway of your business, high-quality hanging business signs will also establish and give your company dominance.

Regardless of your business model, unique hanging signs get customers paying closer attention to your products or services. If you are in Connecticut and still looking for hanging signs near you, settle for Northeast Sign Company. We will use unique hanging signs to give your business a new marketing experience aligned with your brand and goals. But here are the basics first.

    What type of signage are you looking for?

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    Hanging Address Sign - 1798 Nunn

    What Are Hanging Signs?

    As the name suggests, these are signs projected or suspended from a canopy, overhand, door post, marquee, windows, and walls, inside or outside your business premises. They are also graphic overhead signs suspended on your business department or building to catch people’s attention.

    Besides adding to the curb appeal of your business, hanging signs should easily attract the people walking by your business. This is where you need the outstanding expertise of Northeast Sign Company in Connecticut to help you create a meaningful connection with your customers through attractive hanging signs.

    Types of Hanging Signs

    Northeast Sign Company strives to align your business brand with the right type of hanging sign for your expected outcome. As your Connecticut sign company, we offer a wide range of hanging signs and signage solutions to empower your company’s products and services.

    You can choose outdoor or indoor signs, and in some cases, you can use both. Common hanging sign types include wood, aluminum, vinyl, stainless steel, or glass; how you mount or display them to advertise your business makes the difference.

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    Uses for Hanging Signs

    Hanging signs mainly welcome and guide your customers outside or inside your business. Indoor hanging signs include aisle marks, washroom signs, menu boards, welcome signs, safety guidelines, and exit signs.

    Northeast Sign Company has the expertise you need whether you choose interior or exterior hanging signs.

    One of the most common categories includes ceiling hanging signs which can be your traditional hanging plaque or banner hanging signs that combine your business brand and artwork with images on both sides. You can also use outdoor banner signs for advertising your exhibitions, offers, and business locations.

    Wood hanging signs are another category commonly used if you want unique, custom-made pieces for your company or shop. For instance, a wooden sign is ideal if you run a resort. Wood is also suitable for making engraved hanging signs for your business.

    Another standard option is PVC hanging signs which are mainly used for short-term indoor or outdoor signage. Besides this, an alternative for short-term purposes is coroplast hanging signs.

    Aluminum hanging signs are a trendy option due to their lower cost and high malleability. Aluminum is also a key component in Dibond hanging signs. They are ideal for outdoor use because they’re strong, light, and do not easily rust or corrode.

    Other categories include:

    • HDU hanging signs
    • Alumalite hanging signs
    • Acrylic hanging signs
    Hanging Outdoor Sign - Tattoo

    Why You Should Choose Northeast Sign Company in Connecticut

    We’re backed by experts with extensive training. You will get remarkable consultation, installation, and customized signs. Plus, our partnership doesn’t stop once you have your sign; if you need repair and maintenance, we will handle it.

    While the cost of hanging signs may vary, you will get the right deal fitting your budget at Nothern Sign Company. During your consultation, we can find a solution that is both budget-friendly and high quality.

    Book an appointment today or request a quote. Our total commitment is to serve your company’s sign needs anywhere in Connecticut.


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