November 22, 2023

How to Incorporate Your Logo into Great Custom Sign Designs

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Business logos are key elements for many custom sign designs in Connecticut. The question many owners ask is, “What is the best way to incorporate a logo into a design?” The truth is creating compelling signage with logos requires both strategy and creativity. This guide will explain how to include logos in custom designs for optimal performance and style.

Select the Right Sign

The great news is there are many options for custom sign designs – the challenge is finding the right one to display your logo. For maximum impact and visibility, logos work best on more prominent signage.

Exterior signs such as channel letters, monument signs, and storefront signs are powerful options. If you want to bring your logo indoors, lobby signs, window graphics, and door signs

can effectively incorporate your logo. The solution is to choose signage for high-traffic areas that display your logo.

Focus on Your Logo

For effective branding through signage, your logo needs to be the focus of your design. Logos are visual representations of your business; they are what people associate with your brand and help them remember your services. Resist the urge to add additional decorative embellishments and graphics. Too much clutter will make it difficult for people to notice and recall your sign. Instead, ensure your logo is the focus to convey your message.

Stay Consistent

Visual identity in signage relies on consistency and repetition. Don’t stray from your original logo design and core branding elements. Otherwise, you risk weakening your message and confusing your target audience. Look at all your branding materials and keep the colors, fonts, and logos cohesive across every medium. This strategy will build your business’s reputation and create a lasting impression on customers.

Be Bold with Your Message

Successful logo integration in custom signs requires you to be bold. Your business name and primary graphic must be legible to grab people’s attention. High-contrast colors and simple fonts stand out in crowded commercial districts, attracting customers to your location from afar. Tiny details and small text will get lost in custom sign designs, so it is essential to prioritize communicating your main message.

Get Creative with Sign Design

Signs with logos don’t have to follow a specific mould. These signs are essential communication tools, but working with a professional sign company helps to transform them into captivating visual installations. Wall murals, window graphics, and lobby signs all have the power to display your logo and elevate the look of your business. Stretch your imagination to create unforgettable logo signs.

Need a Custom Sign Design in Connecticut?

Northeast Sign Company is your local sign company that specializes in custom logo signs. Our experienced team will work with you to design, manufacture, and install a sign that fits your vision. We pride ourselves on providing excellence and quality with every sign we make.

Call us today to book your consultation and learn more about custom sign designs.


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