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Custom Acrylic Signs and Letters Manufacturers in Connecticut

Are you searching for the best acrylic signs in CT? Northeast Sign Company in Connecticut offers all your signage needs, including acrylic signs. We provide weather-resistant acrylic signs that can give durable and reliable services without compromising quality. Acrylic signs give directions, bring aesthetic beauty within your space, or communicate your brand. They’re also known as plexiglass signs. There are various uses for acrylic signs, and your needs determine this. Here are our services and products:

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    Acrylic Dimensional Letter Sign Done By Northeast Sign Company

    Clear & Frosted Acrylic Signs For Your CT Business

    There are different types of acrylic signs, and frosted acrylic signs are among these. These types of acrylic signs comprise hard plastic with a frosted finish. Frosted acrylic signs, also known as frosted plexiglass, are more durable and reliable than glass for your signage services. Frosted acrylic signs offer a translucent background in your design and decorative signage solutions. The recommended usage is indoors, but alteration can fit your outdoor requirements.

    Plexiglass Sign Printing

    The impressive use of color in clear acrylic signage is unique and can significantly impact your client's perception of your brand. You want to create a lasting impression, and clear acrylic signs help. Your signs' dimensions and alterations can fit your needs, based on your final approval. The cost of acrylic signs is inexpensive and thus the best way to improve your brand's presence.

    Acrylic Logo Sign Printed By Northeast Sign Company
    Acrylic Sign Done By Northeast Sign Company

    High-End & Durable Custom Acrylic Office Sign

    Acrylic wall signs can be used at your front desk to emphasize your logo and add some beauty to the interior space. The entrance can also be decorated with acrylic wall signs to demonstrate some of your company's services. Acrylic wall signs can effectively communicate with your clients, considering the costs of the signs, which are affordable for effective marketing.

    enough to brighten any dull lobby or front office

    Acrylic office signs are essential in telling your business apart from your competitors or other service providers when you share a building. The pronounced nature of acrylic signs makes them easy to notice, offering direction to your clients. The office signs also serve a decorative purpose, creating a conducive interior environment for your clients to feel free to express their needs.

    Acrylic Mockup Signage
    Acrylic Sign Connecticut

     Choose your size for Plastic Signs and Acrylic Letters

    Custom acrylic signs are a beautiful selection for any office or business. Custom acrylic settings communicate to your client based on the matters you think are essential and should be addressed. When you customize your acrylic signs, they uniquely identify your brand. Consider customized acrylic signs to ensure you communicate your intended message to your target clients.

    Frosted Wall Mount Acrylic Signs

    Frosted wall signs play a vital role in the decorative purpose, directional strategies, and enhancing your brand understanding and communication in CT. Your professional appearance ensures that clients' perception of your brand positively impacts their buying behavior. If you’re looking for that frosted glass look without that frosted glass price, consider frosted wall signs as a professional business decoration for your company.

    Custom Acrylic Sign in Connecticut
    Feraiti Storefront Acrylic Sign by Northeast Sign Company in Connecticut

    Custom Acrylic Sign Printing Company in CT

    Acrylic sign production relies on directly printing UV ink onto the material. However, these acrylic signs can also be printed on rigid substances and attached to print films like clear and opaque window decals. We offer acrylic printing services that respect your budget, allowing you to explore various acrylic signs suitable for your company.

    Are you still wondering "what is an acrylic sign?" or, "are acrylic signs best for my business?" If so, you’ve found the right people to help. At Northeast Sign Company, we offer plexiglass signs in Connecticut. As an acrylic sign maker in Connecticut, we address your signage needs accordingly.

    Reach out to our team for different acrylic services in Connecticut to improve your business.

    Acrylic Signs FAQs

    What are acrylic signs?

    Acrylic signs are visual communication tools that can be installed indoors or outdoors. Nowadays, people often use them as an alternative to traditional glass signs because they are cheaper, easier to maintain, more durable, and more lightweight. Thanks to their elegance and clarity, they have many uses and applications in your business establishment.

    What are acrylic signs used for?

    Acrylic signs are often installed in the lobby to beautifully showcase your company name, logo, and slogan. Sometimes, entrepreneurs also use them as tools to discuss the brand’s history, policies inside the facility, mission, vision, and more. Acrylic business signs can even be utilized to display directional cues, room labels, accessibility information, and safety reminders.

    How are acrylic signs made?

    Acrylic signs can be cut and shaped into dimensional letters or printed with your chosen designs. If you want marketing tools that look timeless, we suggest that you invest in surface-printed acrylic signs. However, if you prefer something more eye-catching, you should choose subsurface printing instead since this method creates three-dimensional designs.

    How thick should acrylic be for signs?

    Northeast Sign Company highly recommends that you opt for ¼” or ⅛” thick acrylic business signs because they are incredibly durable and visually appealing. If you want to deviate from the norm and prefer unique-looking signs, we also offer size customizations, such as 1/16” and 1”. Call us today to learn more.

    Can acrylic signs be installed indoors?

    Yes, acrylic business signs can also be installed inside the establishment. They are typically utilized as room identification signs, directional signs, directories, menu boards, and reception area signs. If you want to incorporate visual communication tools that look professional, elegant, and tasteful, then we recommend that you get frosted acrylic indoor signs.

    How much do acrylic signs cost?

    There are several factors that contribute to the overall expenses of your custom acrylic signage solutions. It includes the signage type, fabrication process, unique labor requirements, installation type, lighting style, complexity design, and dimensions. If you want to get a free quote, please book a consultation with one of our representatives today.

    Are acrylic signs reusable?

    Yes, acrylic business signs can be reused as many times as you want. Just make sure to store them in cool, dry places and have them maintained regularly. In fact, since acrylic signs are lightweight and portable, many entrepreneurs carry them around at different trade shows and similar corporate events.

    Can you cut acrylic signs?

    Yes, we produce contour-cut acrylic signs for those who want seamless and modern signs. During the fabrication process, we follow every groove and curve of your design, and leave little to no borders. If you want something that is easier to install, we also offer standard acrylic sign panels that are cut in rectangular shapes.

    How do you take care of acrylic signs?

    If possible, avoid long exposure to moisture, heat, sunlight, and dirt. However, if you have the signs installed outside, then we recommend that you clean them once in a while using warm water, soft sponges, and mild detergent. Get in touch with one of our seasoned specialists to learn more.

    Do acrylic signs last outside?

    Yes, commercial acrylic signs made from high-quality materials can last for a long time even when installed outside the facility. However, it is also crucial that you work with the right signage company that knows how to properly manufacture and install your acrylic signs so that they can withstand the harsh weather conditions and pollution.


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