November 7, 2023

Outdoor Business Signs: What to Expect When Working with a Sign Company

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Outdoor business signs are dynamic marketing tools with the potential to take your business to the next level. One study found that 50% of new customers are drawn into new businesses because of their signs alone.

Whether you’re adding an outdoor sign for the first time or upgrading your existing signage, working with a professional sign company is essential. Sign companies design, manufacture, and install impactful signage, but they are also experts at helping businesses devise a clear marketing strategy for their signage and achieve their objectives. Let’s take a look at what to expect when working with a professional sign company.

Meet for a Consultation

All custom exterior signs begin with a consultation. During this first meeting, a professional sign maker will ask you about the details for your sign, including:

  • Budget
  • Sign type
  • Sign materials
  • Location of the sign
  • Intention for the sign

This meeting lays out the vision for the sign, but it’s also a chance for the sign company to understand your business needs. That way, they can use their expertise to provide recommendations that will help you reach your goals. Shortly after this meeting, the sign company will share a sign cost estimation with you for the project.

Collaborate on the Sign’s Design

After examining the right sign materials for outdoors and deciding on any finishing details, professional designers will start devising your sign’s design. They focus on the sign's aesthetic and ensure your key business messages are communicated effectively. Designing is a collaborative process where business owners are encouraged to share their ideas to bring their signs to life. As soon as the design is finalized, manufacturing can begin.

Obtaining a Permit

Local sign companies are experts in signage laws and regulations. They will obtain all the necessary permits to install and display your sign. Business owners can relax and focus on their work, knowing a professional will guarantee everything is up to code.

The Sign Installation Process Begins

Depending on the size and scope of your sign, an installation’s duration can vary. A professional sign company will work efficiently to ensure minimal disruptions to your customers and employees. They will also ensure that the sign is installed correctly for a long-lasting solution.

Maintenance and Care

After your sign is installed, sign companies continue to provide valuable services to your company. Experts will explain any necessary sign maintenance tips, so your sign can continue to look vibrant. If your sign becomes damaged, repairs will be provided to reconcile any issues. Local businesses and sign companies have a long-lasting and unique partnership.

Northeast Sign Company is Your Best Choice for Outdoor Business Signs

From signage for storefronts to towering pylon signs, Northeast Sign Company provides exceptional outdoor business signs in Connecticut. If you’ve never worked with a professional sign company, now is the time to discover how our signs can improve your business.

We value our local partners and find satisfaction in helping them achieve their goals.

Book your free consultation with us today.


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