June 14, 2023

Signs for Your Outdoor Business: Creative Ideas to Stand Out

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Consumers are bombarded with thousands of advertisements each day, from online videos to business signs, and everything in between. If you want to give your brand the attention it deserves, you have to invest in creatively-designed visual communication tools. Below are some signage ideas that will give you a competitive edge.

Digital Outdoor Signs

These bright and colorful LCD screens are perfect for displaying your video ad promotions, image slideshows, animated texts, and more. Thanks to their incredible visibility, your signage can be seen from a distance, giving you an edge over other surrounding competitors. On top of that, you can enjoy round-the-clock advertising for a reasonable cost.

Let’s say you’re launching new products for summer. You can showcase a video teaser in your digital signs to excite patrons and pique the interest of leads. If you want more creative ideas, feel free to get in touch with Northeast Sign Company today!

Custom Outdoor Signs for Glass Windows

Vinyl signs allow you to maximize the primary ad space in your establishment, which is the storefront. Aside from putting up the usual blade signs, channel letters, and awnings, why not invest in window wraps and decals instead?

Since they are easy to customize, you can choose from minimalist letters that indicate your company name to large-format print ads of your products. With the right design, it will be easy for you to make a mark in the streets of Connecticut.

Fun, Hard-to-Miss, and Interactive Murals

People often visit establishments with picture-worthy elements, whether it is a visually-pleasing menu item, an aesthetic ambience, or even cool signage. If you want to draw more attention to your business, we recommend that you invest in full-colour murals.

Vinyl mural signs are not just for your indoor space. They can be installed on exterior walls as well. These commercial business signs can feature three-dimensional designs that almost look real, such as a creative collage of your most famous products. Putting these up will encourage passersby to take pictures of your establishment and post them on their social media profiles. This simple yet effective tactic will serve as free advertisement for your company as more people will get curious about the location and would want to visit as well. In other words, you are creating an online and offline buzz for your business to gain more sales opportunities and foot traffic.

Are You Looking for Creatively-Designed Custom Outdoor Signs in New Haven?

Northeast Sign Company is not your ordinary signage shop.  We take pride in having some of the most talented signage designers in the area. We also take the extra time and effort to curate visually appealing, impactful, and memorable signs that put your brand’s best foot forward, match your goals and needs, complement your interior or exterior design, and appeal to your target market.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our top-rated sign company in New Haven today!


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