July 4, 2023

How to Design & Install Vinyl Wraps

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When it comes to vinyl wraps, it’s important to work with a company that understands your needs. That’s where Northeast Sign Company comes in. We take every project seriously, no matter how large or small, and love to make companies feel like they’re taking their advertising into their own hands through effective signage solutions.

Whether you need custom vinyl banners, car wraps, or vinyl window graphics, we can do it all. But there are plenty of steps that go into making the perfect wrap—which is why collaborating closely with our clients is our favourite thing to do.

We’ve outlined those steps below for you, so keep reading to learn more!

Choose the Desired Design

Choosing the right design is crucial as your text and vinyl graphics can make or break the impression you leave on someone. Think about your brand and what images or logos would properly represent it. Or, if you're promoting something, think about how to best display your products or services.

At Northeast Sign Company, we have a wide array of colours and designs which command much attention. We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality, and eye-catching vinyl signs that combine durability and technical brilliance for all your business and personal needs.

Select the Right Size for Your Text

Vinyl letters that are too large can affect the functionality of the design, and letters that are too small can be too small to read—this is true whether you want individually cut letters or if you’re including text in your design. Luckily, that's another thing we can help with. We can ultimately print any size you want, but we'll give you recommendations based on your design, and the message that you're trying to get across.

Manufacture the Sign

We also take care of all of that for you! We make sure that our printers are ready to vividly print your signs or banners. It's our job to ensure that the cut, design, and ink are all perfect so that you can get a signage solution that speaks volumes when it comes to your business.

Install the Sign

Once we move to installation, we carefully wipe down the surface where we have to apply the vinyl wrap. We clean it, dry it, and carefully apply the wrap. Once we're sure it's perfectly placed, we peel back one side of the wrap, being sure to use tools to cover the overlap so that it seals perfectly. Using our tools to apply pressure and heat, minimizes the chance of rupturing. Then, if there is any excess vinyl, we cut it away carefully so that you have a perfect finish.

Choose Northeast Sign Company for Your Vinyl Wrap Installation in CT

When it comes to working alongside a sign company that you can trust, you can put your faith in Northeast Sign Company. We have the tools, passion, and dedication necessary when it comes to providing people with top-of-the-line signage solutions, including high-quality vinyl wraps.

Our ultimate goal is to make you happy, which is why we work hard for you the moment you get on a call with us. Tell us all about your design needs, and where you would like your wrap installed, and we'll take care of the whole thing for you.

Contact us today for your vinyl signs.


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