October 18, 2023

Illuminated vs Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

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Are you searching for a way to brighten up your business signage? Channel letters are one of the most popular options for businesses. These 3D signs are made from individually sculpted letters that send a bold message and easily capture people’s attention. They are a durable, versatile sign solution that easily attracts attention and identifies businesses.

There are endless customization options to consider for these signs. LED technology illuminates these signs to create a dazzling display. Whether you want to shine a light on your business with vivid front-lit letters or prefer a modern look from halo-lit letters, LEDs can elevate the style of your sign.

But not every channel letter sign needs illumination. If you’re unsure about adding lighting to your sign, it’s essential to consider these factors first:

Business Operating Hours

The main advantage of illuminated storefront channel letters is that they provide visibility to businesses that operate late at night. Restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, and medical offices are a few places where light-up signs are practical investments. These signs guide customers to your front door at night and assist with wayfinding in the dark.

If your business operates primarily during daytime hours, non-illuminated channel letters, also known as dimensional letters, are the best option. Consider these signs for places like retail stores or professional offices.

Weather Conditions

In addition to operating hours, it’s essential to consider the weather conditions for your business’s location. Illuminated channel letters are a wise choice in climates that experience a lot of snow, fog, rain, or other elements that reduce visibility. These signs will stand out against the dreary elements and expand your reach to potential customers.

The Sign’s Placement and Location

Partnering with a professional sign company will help you determine the best location to install your sign to increase its effectiveness. Deciding the placement of your sign can also help determine whether to choose an illuminated sign. Light-up channel letters are typically installed above a business entrance for maximum visibility.

For non-illuminated dimensional letters, there is more flexibility with their placement. These letters can be added to building exteriors, monument signs, or post and panel signs. Finding the right sign for your needs comes down to finding the right location.

Nearby Business Competition

Channel letters are an effective tool when your goal is to stand out in a competitive market. When choosing between illuminated and non-illuminated signage, consider the surrounding business landscape. In crowded shopping areas, light-up signs effectively capture people’s attention. By upgrading your signage with lights, you could see an increase in foot traffic to your business.

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