October 1, 2023

How Outdoor Signage Shapes Consumer Behavior

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Even in the digital age, businesses continue to invest in outdoor marketing signs to advertise their location and services. But signs do a lot more than providing directions and upgrading branding.

Outdoor signage for businesses is proven to influence customers’ habits. From attracting new customers to increasing impulsive purchases, signs play a crucial part in every business’s success. In this blog, we will uncover some of the surprising ways that signs shape consumer behaviour.

Attract New Customers with an Outdoor Sign

Every business knows generating new leads is critical. But finding new customers can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. That’s where exterior building signs come in. Signs have a powerful ability to attract customers. One study found half of a start-up's new customers gave it a chance because of its signs. Businesses cannot afford to miss out on potential business in today's competitive market because they lack impactful signage. This is why investing in signs is an imperative action when you’re attempting to expand your business’s existing customer base.

Signs Help Form Opinions About a Business

In business, first impressions are crucial. Believe it or not, consumers form an opinion about a company in seconds, and signs are proven to play a role. According to research, 38.5% of shoppers said they have made assumptions about a business’s quality because of the quality of its signs. Outdoor signs aren’t just effective marketing tools – they communicate a brand’s dedication to premium products and services. Making the right first impression with the right sign will boost any business.

Signage Builds Relationships Between Businesses and Consumers

Creating brand recognition goes beyond having an identifiable logo. At the heart of brand recognition is the relationship between businesses and consumers. Consumers are more likely to choose businesses they can trust to deliver a positive experience. Outdoor signs contribute to brand recognition by connecting a visual reminder of the company with a customer’s feelings about the business.

Target the Local Market with Signs

Did you know 85% of potential customers live within a five-mile radius of a business? A single sign, such as an outdoor light-box sign, can significantly impact a business’s local market. One study found most customers learn about a nearby business because they see it when passing by. Making a lasting impression with signage captures the local market's attention and ultimately increases business traffic.

Signs Encourage Impulse Purchases

Have you ever pulled over for a bite to eat during a road trip simply because you saw a restaurant sign? Have you made an unexpected stop at a favourite store because their outdoor event signs were advertising a limited-time sale?

Up to 40% of customers stop impulsively at businesses like fast food restaurants. How do they know the businesses are there? They likely displayed visible and eye-catching signage. Capitalize on consumer behaviour by using signage to encourage last-minute purchases.

Need Outdoor Signage for Business?

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