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Monument signs can enhance a business. They are usually placed outside a business and provide information about your business to any passersby. A good monument sign is an investment for businesses because they act as a timeless marketing tool.

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are a type of signage characterized by large, freestanding structures that are weather resistant. This type of signage is also commonly referred to as a monolith sign. They often have little to no space between the sign and the ground and are made of materials that can stand the test of time. Businesses that have invested in a monolith sign have little to no maintenance to do for years.

    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of Monument Signs

    The most common defining factor between two monument signs is illuminated monuments and ones that are not illuminated.

    • Illuminated monuments – these are well-lit at night or in poor visibility weather. They are necessary for businesses that operate 24 hours, like a hospital, because they also help guide people towards the premises. Some companies will opt to use a monument sign that is not lit day or night.
    • Pylon signs - these types of signs can serve multiple businesses in the same building complex. They usually rest on one or two steel poles.
    • Outdoor directory signs - These monument signs help clients find businesses that are particularly hard to locate. They are well-lit, visible, and placed at regular intervals.
    • Single Building monuments signs - These types of monument signs are designed to announce the presence of well-established businesses. They are designed to give an aura of permanence and stability, inspiring confidence in the client.
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    Uses of Monument Signs

    Monument signs are especially visible to people driving by or any pedestrians because they are constructed close to the ground and are well labeled. Monument signs are usually used by an established business that will likely maintain its current location and any other displayed information. These usually include hospitals and other government facilities like schools.

    What is The Cost of Monument Signs?

    Monument signs are built to last a few decades, which means they are designed to be permanent or semi-permanent structures built using durable materials. Because our signs are custom-made, the prices will vary between projects. Be sure to contact us for a free quote.

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    Badlands National Park Monument Sign

    Modern Monument Signs

    Modern monument signs have only gotten better. Now businesses have more illuminating options. Commercial monument signs also utilize better materials that make any monument sign last longer. New technology also allows businesses to build better, safer, and bigger monument signs in a shorter period. Architectural monuments are just getting better.
    Local laws and policies regulate monument signs for business in Connecticut. Business owners need to seek any necessary permits before posting any signs to avoid fines or law suites in the business.

    Get a Monument Sign For Your Connecticut Business

    Is your business hard to find and missing out on potential clients? Northeast Sign Company offers monument sign services in the state of Connecticut. We offer everything from foam monument signs to LED monument signs and all kinds of electric monument signs. Your business can count on us to deliver an awe-inspiring monument sign for your brick and motor Connecticut business. We use state-of-the-art equipment to construct brick monument signs that can last your business decades with minimal wear and tear. Whatever your business needs, you do not need to look for monument signs near me because Northeast Sign Company has got you covered.

    Mount Rushmore National Memorial Free Standing Monument Sign

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a monument sign?

    Monument signs are stand-alone outdoor visual marketing tools that establish a sense of permanence on behalf of your business because of their lifespan and durability. They typically showcase your company name, logo, and slogan to increase brand awareness and familiarity. These signs can also display directories, wayfinding cues, address information, and tenant names. We highly recommend them for well-known companies or those that intend to last for many years in the industry.

    What are the advantages of monument signs?

    Since monument signs are installed in high-traffic areas, there are more opportunities to leave a lasting impression on your target audience and ultimately influence them to learn more about your business. The visual impact of commercial monument signs also helps improve your branding and reputation. On top of that, these signs offer long-term marketing solutions and are incredibly cost-effective.

    How do I make a monument sign?

    Northeast Sign Company follows a foolproof method of creating highly effective visual marketing solutions. First, we will take the time to learn about your branding strategy and goals so that we can propose signage strategies that add value to your business. Next, our talented artists and manufacturing team will work their magic and transform ideas into tactile products. Last, our meticulous installers make sure to seamlessly and carefully affix your signs into place.

    What should be considered when building a monument sign?

    You need to identify whether your business aims for longevity. If so, monument signs are excellent permanent marketing tools that help solidify your brand in North Haven, Connecticut. You also have to consider the design preferences and behavioral patterns of your target audience. In doing so, you have more chances of making an impact on their lives that ultimately generate profit for your business.

    What are the monument sign design standards?

    Monument signs must be a minimum of 18 inches in height. The materials and color scheme of these signs should match the design elements present in your company’s building. For commercial centers with 6 or more tenants, the monument signage must highlight the name of the main establishment or primary renters of the space rather than all the occupants. If you want to learn more about the other design standards, kindly get in touch with our team today.

    How does monument signage help a business?

    Custom monument signs tell the public that your business is in here for the long run. Consumers also associate them with companies that are respectable and credible. This is why many hospitals and universities have them. Apart from brand recognition, monument signs are also often used to indicate wayfinding and tenant information.

    How much does a freestanding sign cost?

    There are several factors that need to be considered when discussing the cost of a freestanding monument sign. It includes the design, materials used, installation type, lighting style, unique labor requirements, and so on. We highly recommend that you book a consultation with us today to better understand our sign-making process and get a free quote.

    What is the difference between a monument sign and a pylon sign?

    Both visual communication tools are freestanding outdoor signs but they also have many differences. Monument signs are installed at eye level, allowing nearby motorists and pedestrians to notice them. Pylon signs, on the other hand, are specially built to tower over other structures to get the attention of potential clients from miles away.

    What is a good size for a monument sign?

    Monument signs are ideally 5 to 15 feet wide and around 4 to 9 feet high. When identifying the best size for your business, we have to consider your exterior building design, goals, and branding strategy. The location of the structure also plays an important role in determining the perfect dimensions to ensure maximum visibility and effectivity. Book a consultation with one of our seasoned specialists today to learn more.


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